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Jet airways naresh goyal – Bank Fraud


Born 29 July 1949 (age 74)

Sangrur, Punjab, Dominion of India

Nationality Indian (NRI)

Occupation Former Chairman of Jet Airways

Years active 1967 – 2019

Children 2

Started job at Rs 300 per month

Naresh  Goyal
Naresh  Goyal


Naresh was born to a jewelry merchant in Sangrur, Punjab in 1949, two years after the country’s independence.

Naresh Goyal: The founder of the now-defunct airline Jet Airways

Naresh Goyal is entangled in a Rs. 538 crore fraud case with Canara Bank. He broke down in tears as he made his Saturday appearance before the Special Court. He declared, “I have given up every hope of life.” I would rather die in prison than continue to live in this kind of environment.

Bank fraud is alleged against Naresh Goyal.

Naresh Goyal was taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on September 1. He’s been charged with defrauding banks. By the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, the ED had taken action against him (PMLA). He has been in judicial detention at Arthur Road Jail. Last month, he had submitted a bail petition.

Naresh  Goyal
Naresh  Goyal

In a special Mumbai court on a Saturday Naresh Goyal

, the founder and CEO of Jet Airways, folded his hands and declared that he had given up on life. He is being accused of defrauding Canara Bank out of Rs. 538 crore. He declared that living in this condition would be worse for him than dying behind bars. The 70-year-old Naresh Goyal expressed in court documents how much he misses his wife Anita with tearful eyes. who has cancer and is in the last stages.

With trembling and clasped hands, Goyal said

As per the ‘diary’ of the court, Goyal expressed his trembling and folded hands while acknowledging that his health had declined. According to Goyal, his wife is resting on the bed. His lone child is likewise ill. Even jail, he said.

What was said by the judge?

Goyal went into great depth regarding his health, his wife’s illness, the several issues he had with going to JJ Hospital, etc. The judge stated, “I have taken everything he said into consideration.” I gave the accused my word that he would not go without food, that his physical and emotional well-being would be taken care of, and that he would receive all necessary medical attention.

Naresh  Goyal
Naresh  Goyal

The court mandated that appropriate preparations be made for them.

The judge stated that he was struggling to maintain his footing on this. Even in their eyes, their pain is evident. We promise to take excellent care of both their physical and mental well-being. The court gave his attorneys instructions to arrange for his health care. Additionally, the next hearing date

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