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Groww 2024 App Faces Technical Snag as Users Demand Compensation for Losses

Users Take to Social Media to Express Frustrations

Several users of the popular online trading platform, Groww 2024, found themselves in a state of distress on Tuesday morning as they encountered technical glitches while attempting to access the app. The discontent was palpable on social media, with users flocking to platforms like X (formerly Twitter) to voice their complaints.

Login Issues and Transaction Failures Plague Groww 2024 Users

groww 2024

Numerous Groww users reported being unable to log in, prompting concerns and queries on social media. Anurag Sharma’s tweet, “I think @_groww servers are down. Not able to login. Anyone else facing this issue?” resonated with others facing similar problems. Amar Singh shared, “#groww app not working. Not able to login – its showing SOMETHING WENT WRONG. Is this the case with everyone? Please help.”

groww 2024

Complaints Extend to Balances and Order Executions

groww 2024

Beyond login troubles, some users complained about additional issues, such as difficulties viewing their account balances and executing trading orders. Prajapati Sushil’s tweet, “Groww 2024 balance not showing and order not executing @_grow,” echoed the sentiment of many frustrated users.

Groww’s Response and Resolution   
groww 2024             

In response to the growing discontent, Groww addressed the concerns on social media, assuring users that the technical issue had been successfully resolved. The company’s tweet read, “Pleased to inform you that we have successfully resolved the issue. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Thank you for choosing us.”

Users Demand Compensation for Losses

Despite the resolution, some users expressed dissatisfaction, demanding compensation for potential losses incurred during the technical glitch. One user on X wrote, “You are my broker, and I am not able to transact on your app. And unable to execute orders. What is going on? Who will pay for my losses? Don’t do this type of cheap manipulation. Very disgusting. Shameful.”

Groww 2024 Status as Top Stock Brokerage in India

groww 2024

Groww, touted as the top stock brokerage in India, faced scrutiny as users questioned the reliability of the platform. According to National Stock Exchange data, as of September 2023, Groww boasted 66.3 lakh active investors, surpassing Zerodha’s 64.8 lakh.

Groww 2024 Navigates Technical Hurdles Amidst User Concerns

While Groww managed to resolve the technical snag, the incident has raised questions about the reliability of online trading platforms. Users, having experienced financial setbacks, now seek assurances and compensation for potential losses. Groww , as a leading stock brokerage, must navigate these challenges to maintain the trust of its user base


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