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Gilat Satellite Networks Wins New Government Contract

Gilat Satellite Networks, a renowned provider of satellite networking technology, has secured a significant multi-million-dollar defense connectivity contract from an undisclosed government client. Gilat has achieved it’s biggest turning point with this deal, increasing its reputation as a market leader in communications satellite technology.

Enhancing Governmental Defense Communications

Under this contract, Gilat Satellite Networks will deploy its state-of-the-art SkyEdge IV platform and Taurus-M modems to bolster the advanced satellite communications capabilities of a prominent governmental defense organization. This program highlights Gilat’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions to satisfy the changing demands of the global defense and security industries.

Gilat Satellite Networks

Advanced Technology for Military Applications – Gilat Satellite Networks

The SkyEdge IV platform represents Gilat Satellite Networks next-generation multi-service technology, meticulously designed to operate seamlessly within multi-orbit software-defined satellite constellations. With its support for cloud infrastructure and innovative Elastix-Access Scheme, SkyEdge IV is poised to address current and future satellite connectivity requirements effectively.This platform guarantees dependable and secure communication services because it is especially designed to satisfy the demanding needs of the government and military markets.

Empowering On-the-Move Operations

A key component of this contract is the deployment of the SkyEdge IV Taurus-M modem, renowned for its low SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) profile.This modem offers highly available and fast satellite communications for both stationary and mobile operations, making it perfect for implementation in defensive fighting vehicles and man-pack situations.

Gilat Satellite Networks

Strategic Development in the Defense Area

Gilat’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Defense, Ori Naor, highlighted the contract’s importance to the company’s strategic growth path in the defense sector. He underlined Gilat’s dedication to meeting market demands by showcasing its industry-leading product line, which is especially designed for mobile satellite communications in difficult circumstances.

The fact that Gilat Satellite Networks was able to win this defense satellite connectivity project through bidding highlights the company’s dedication to quality and creativity in the communications satellite sector. Gilat Satellite Networks continues to provide defense enterprises with strong and dependable communication capabilities by utilizing innovative technologies like the SkyEdge IV platform and Taurus-M modems, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity throughout mission-critical activities.

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