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FASTag KYC Deadline: Today 2024

FASTag KYC Deadline: Today is the last day of Fastag KYC, know the step-by-step process.

How to Update Kyc in Fastag: Today is the last day of Fastag KYC. If you are not able to do Fastag KYC by today i.e. January 31, 2024, then you will have to pay double the toll from tomorrow i.e. February 1. So let us tell you the process of doing Fastag KYC sitting at home.

Learn how to do FASTag KYC Deadline KYC sitting at home

National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) started the One Vehicle One Fastag campaign a few days ago. Under this, if you have not got your KYC done yet, you will not be able to use Fastag after January 31. While travelling on the roads built on the National Highway, everyone has to pay a fixed toll to enter from one state to another. Additionally, according to NHAI, if your KYC is still pending and you have any remaining FASTag balance, your account will be cancelled on January 31, 2024.

FASTag KYC Deadline
FASTag KYC Deadline

FASTag KYC Deadline mandatory to pass through toll plaza

Starting on February 15, 2001, the Indian government mandated that all automobiles have FASTags. Following this, all cars entering the toll plaza had to have a FASTag. Its benefit is that you won’t have to wait in lengthy lines to cross the freeway. The motorway is simple to drive through without stopping. The FASTag sticker that is placed on your car allows the sensors and scanners at toll booths to deduct toll tax from the FASTag balance.

These documents will be required for the Fastag  KYC Deadline

  • driving license
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

Do KYC FASTag KYC Deadline sitting at home like this

Government official website
Go to fastag.ihmcl.com.
Use your password, OTP, and mobile number to get into your account.
From the dashboard’s left-side menu, choose MY PROFILE.
The profile information that was provided at the time of KYC is visible here.
Complete the KYC ‘Customer Type’ sub-section with the necessary data.
The disclaimer must be checked before undergoing KYC verification.
How to update the offline FASTag KYC

You can update Fastag KYC offline in addition to online. You must visit the bank that issues the FASTag to do this. travelling there, filling out the KYC form completely, and submitting it. Your Fastag account’s KYC will then be completed.

Tell us the answers to any query you have.

FASTag KYC Deadline
FASTag KYC Deadline

Is KYC mandatory for Fastag?

As per the instructions of NHAI, it is mandatory to update KYC details related to Fastag by 31st January. Failure to do so will result in your FASTags being deactivated.

Will Fastag be inactive even after maintaining balance?

Yes, if you have not updated the KYC details related to FASTag then your FASTag will be deactivated even after maintaining the balance.

Will old Fastags have to be removed?

As per the instructions of NHAI, all the users will have to delete all the Fastags already issued through banks.

What will happen if Fastag does not work at toll?

If vehicle owners do not use FASTag, they will have to pay double the toll fee as a fine.

The last two days are left for FASTag KYC, if you do not update then you will regret, completing the process like this
If you have not done KYC for the FASTag installed in your car, then your problems may increase. NHAI has informed that those customers who have not yet got their Fastag KYC done, their Fastag will be deactivated and blacklisted even after the balance is cleared after January 31. Now people have two days left. Here we will talk about its method.

the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)

Due to irregularities related to Fastag for a long time, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has changed some new rules. NHAI has announced that for those whose Know Your Customer (KYC) of FASTag is not complete, then all such FASTags will be deactivated or blacklisted by the bank after January 31, even if the balance is there.

It has been started under One Vehicle, One FASTag. If you want to avoid this problem then complete your FASTag KYC immediately. Here we will tell you how to check your Fastag status and update KYC.

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