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2024 National Frozen Food Day : what types of food are here

It’s  2024 National Frozen Food Day, National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, National Dress Day, National Oreo Cookie Day, National Hospitality Workers in Health Care Day, and more. and a lot more

What took place in India on March 6th?:2024 National Frozen Food Day

The British East India Company at Bombay and Raghunathrao, a contender to the Peshwa throne, signed the Treaty of Surat on March 6, 1775. This is covered in the IAS exam’s syllabus for modern Indian history.

March 6th also

  •   National Dentist’s Day, 
  • National Dress Day, 
  • National Frozen Food Day, 
  • National Oreo Cookie Day.
2024 National Frozen Food Day
2024 National Frozen Food Day

2024 National Frozen Food Day: cooking and eating

National Frozen Food Day: In today’s time when people do not have time, the trend of frozen foods has increased. Actually, the thing is that frozen foods save time in cooking and eating, but they can also be harmful for health. For example, nowadays we are eating frozen vegetables, frozen peas and frozen pakodas, but these can be harmful for health in many ways. Therefore, whenever you buy frozen food, check some things on the packet. But before that let us know what frozen food is and what are the disadvantages of eating it.

2024 National Frozen Food Day
2024 National Frozen Food Day

What is frozen food? : 2024 National Frozen Food Day

Frozen foods are actually foods that are not naturally available throughout the year. These foods are stored in extremely cold temperatures. Such as vegetables like broccoli and peas. Ready-to-eat foods like feta curry, paneer curry, mustard masala curry and potato chips etc.

2024 National Frozen Food Day
2024 National Frozen Food Day

Why can frozen food be harmful? :2024 National Frozen Food Day

-A lot of preservatives are used in frozen foods. Chemicals like Blue-1 and Red-3 are used in it, which can cause gas and acidity.

-They also contain high amounts of things like sodium and sugar which increase obesity and can also trigger inflammation in the body.

-Lack of nutrients is seen in these foods and they can also cause stomach infection.

Read these things on the packet while purchasing

  • -What is the amount of saturated fat because the more fat, the more sugar will increase and can increase obesity.
  • -Also check the amount of sugar and salt.
  • -Especially read the expiry date carefully.
  • -Avoid foods with added sauces.
  • Whether distant or near vision is weak, Baba Ramdev’s remedies will improve eyesight.
  • Apart from this, whenever you use frozen food, keep it outside at normal temperature for 30 minutes. First soak vegetables like peas and broccoli in hot water and then prepare it. Keep in mind that keep out only as much as you want to use.

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