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Zakir Hussain, a tabla player, is 72 today.


Zakir Hussain, a tabla player, is 72 today. He enthrals the world with his finger-based tabla playing and hand beats. People get drunk upon hearing the sound of his tabla and exclaim, “Wow Ustad.” Zakir has flown the flag of his art throughout the nation and the world. Even with all of his success, Ustad prefers a modest lifestyle and frequently stays grounded. After going through a lot in his life, he has finally reached this position. On this auspicious day of his birthday, tell us something unique about him.

Zakir Hussain : family

Zakir Hussain was born on 9 March 1951 in Mumbai. He is the son of tabla player Ustad Allah Rakha. Zakir has inherited this skill of playing tabla from his father. He learned to play the instrument with full dedication in childhood. At the age of just three years, he learned to play the Pakhawaj. This art was taught to him by his father. He performed his first concert in America at the age of just 11. After this, he launched his first album ‘Living in the Material World’ in the year 1973.

Zakir Hussain, a tabla player
Zakir Hussain, a tabla player

Zakir Hussain : Honours and awards

When he received the Padma Shri award in 1988, he was only 37 years old and was also the youngest person to receive this award at this age. Similarly, in 2002, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan for his contribution to the field of music. Zakir Hussain has also received music’s most prestigious award, the Grammy Award, in 1992 and 2009. Awarded Padma Vibhushan by President Draupadi Murmu on 22 March 2023.

Zakir Hussain : conflict

Zakir had tightened his grip on the tabla from an early age. After that, when he was between the ages of 11 and 12, he began playing the tabla. For his concerts, he used to travel from location to location. Taking Saraswati as his own, he spared no effort in honouring and defending it. Zakir had mentioned that he didn’t have the money to take a reserved coach when he used to travel. He used to board the crowded train coach as a result.

Zakir Hussain, a tabla player
Zakir Hussain, a tabla player

Zakir Hussain : background

Ustad did not have a reserved seat to sit on the train, so he used to spread a newspaper and sit down. To prevent anyone’s feet or shoes from touching the tabla, he used to keep it in his lap. As long as his journey continued, he kept the tabla in his lap like a child. Due to a lack of money during the Sangeet Yatra, he was not able to even meet his family. When his financial condition improved after continuous struggles, he took time out from his music tour and started visiting his family.

After conquering numerous obstacles, he gained a place in people’s hearts everywhere. People adore travelling to a new universe and losing themselves whenever he plays the tabla. Ustad has had a significant impact on the growth of Indian classical music. In 1988, he received the Padma Shri, and in 2002, the Padma Bhushan. Following this, in 2009, he was also given the Grammy Award, the most coveted music accolade.

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