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World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

World Tuberculosis day poster 2024 A serious, infectious, bacterial disease that primarily affects the lungs and can be fatal.The bacteria that cause TB are spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

General : World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

  • Vaccines can provide some protection
  • treatable by a medical professional
  • spreads in many ways
  • It is important to check with a doctor
  • Laboratory tests or imaging are always needed
  • Medium-term: heals within a month
World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

What is the cause of tuberculosis? : World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

Tuberculosis is not genetic. It is an infectious disease. Any person can become vulnerable to tuberculosis. When a patient with active tuberculosis coughs or sneezes openly, tuberculosis-causing bacteria are released into the air in aerosols. This aerosol can infect anyone who breathes it.

What are the symptoms of this disease? : World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

Persistent cough for more than three weeks, cough with phlegm, fever, loss of weight or loss of appetite are the main symptoms of this disease. If any of these symptoms persist for more than three weeks, the affected person should go to the nearest DOTS TB Center or health centre and get their phlegm checked.

World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024
World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

What tests are done to diagnose tuberculosis and where are they available?

To diagnose tuberculosis, it is necessary to examine the sputum for three consecutive days to detect the bacteria. DOTS centres have been established at various places in Delhi where TB testing facilities are available free of cost.

For testing, the sputum should be given after coughing it up properly. It is important to take care that sputum is not used for testing but instead for phlegm. If sputum is sent for testing, the disease will not be diagnosed.

World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

What is the treatment for tuberculosis? How to cure tuberculosis

If anti-tuberculosis medicine is taken for the full duration, the disease is completely cured. A tuberculosis patient should take the medicine continuously for at least six months. Sometimes the medicine may have to be taken even for a year. It is important to stop taking the medicine only on the advice of a doctor. For those patients who do not get complete treatment or take medicines irregularly, the disease can become incurable and can even be fatal.

World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

Is tuberculosis curable?

Yes, if treatment is taken regularly and continuously for a sufficient period, then this disease is completely curable.

How can we prevent tuberculosis? Process for tuberculosis patients

If you are coughing for three or more weeks, get your phlegm checked twice. This test is done free of cost at government cough microscope centres.

Take all medicines regularly for the full length of time prescribed.

Keep in mind that tuberculosis is completely curable.

Use a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing.

Spit into a spittoon containing household disinfectant.

World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

Not worth doing: World Tuberculosis Day poster 2024

  • Do not ignore medical care if you cough for three weeks or more.
  • Do not rely solely on X-rays to diagnose tuberculosis.
  • Do not stop the medicine unless your doctor tells you to.
  • Do not discriminate against tuberculosis patients.

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