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“Farewell 2023: A Year in Review and Embracing New Horizons”

“Farewell 2023: A Year in Review and Embracing New Horizons”

BYE BYE 2023

Today is the last day of the year 2023, so today we share what special happened from January to December 2023, education, health, sports, what new schemes came in weather and other departments and what new changes were made, do we remember 2023? Will we do it by remembering good things or with some bad memories? So why don’t we talk about 2023?

Bande Bharat Train

This year has proved to be very good  for the railway Department because this year the Honorable Prime Minister inaugurated the Vande Bharata Train. This year, the Vande Bharata train which was run by the Honorable Prime Minister is proving to be very good and people are liking it very much. The thing about it is that the facilities in Vande Bharata are being liked a lot. It is getting a lot of praise and everyone is thanking Narendra Modi ji for introducing trains like Vande Bharat in India

ICC cricket World Cup 

Later this year, the ICC Cricket World Cup was also organized which looked very fun and was liked by a lot of people. India was winning every match very well and reached the finals after winning 10 consecutive matches. India lost very badly to Australia and Australia again won the World Cup but our Indian cricketers have won the heart of every person in India with the way they played all the matches.

Chandrayaan 3_ISRO

This year, India has achieved the biggest success on  Chandrayaan. On the success of Chandrayaan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a lot of respect to all the scientists and expressed his gratitude to them for the success that they have achieved through ISRO by launching Chandrayaan. Not one has reached great heights and is making India proud in foreign countries and it is a big success for India that now the Indian flag is also flying on the moon.

Apple Store open in India

This year, many Apple stores have been opened in India which are proving to be very effective. People are liking Apple very much for Apple’s business. Everyone likes Apple’s mobile to paint apps and smart watches among watches. So this is a very good option for the people that can go to the store themselves and buy all the gadgets and applications.

Oscars 2023: ‘Naatu Naatu’ from film ‘RRR’

Oscars 2023: ‘Naatu Naatu’ from film ‘RRR’ wins the ‘Best Original Song’ at 95th Academy Awards The year 2023 has been very good for the film industry. In the year 2023, India won an Oscar with the song Nathu Nathu from the film R, which is a big thing for the film industry and there are many other films which have achieved huge success in 2023. I have done very good business

RAM MANDIR _ Ayodhya 

If the year 2023 has been special for every sector, then it has also been very special for the religious sector. This year, the foundation stone of Lord Ram’s temple in Ayodhya was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it is going to be inaugurated on 22 January in the year 2024. It is a big thing in the religious field that the year 2023 is very good in the religious field also.

Neeta Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center

This year, Neeta Mukesh Ambani inaugurated his cultural center without spending a lot of money. The inauguration of the cultural center was a very special event. He was the only one to see and was supernatural.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) became the IPL 2023 winner

IPL is very close to the heart of all Indians and the year 2023 was very happy for everyone, all the teams were playing very well but in the year 2023, the winner of IPL was Chennai Super Kings who won the year by defeating Gujarat Titans in the final. 2023 trophy in his name

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