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SUZUKA’s Unveiling the Unseen: The Rise of New School Leaders and Untold Story

This year marks a momentous occasion as the four-member sensation, “New School Leaders,” steps onto the prestigious stage of Kohaku Uta Gassen for the very first time. At the forefront stands SUZUKA, the main vocalist, whose personal life recently became the talk of the town following revelations in an interview with “Weekly Bunshun.”


Viral Sensation on TikTok

The group soared to new heights in 2023 with their breakout hit, “Otona Blue.” Originally released in 2020, this song found a second wind on TikTok, amassing a staggering 3.1 billion views and capturing hearts not just in Japan but also across the globe. Its blend of Showa melodies, provocative lyrics, and a head-spinning dance routine propelled “New School Leaders” into the spotlight, fostering a rapidly growing fanbase addicted to their infectious rhythm.

The Enigmatic SUZUKA

While all members sport the iconic sailor uniforms, SUZUKA (22) stands out with her distinctive bobbed hair, glasses, and an eyebrow-less look. Hailing from Osaka and honing her skills in dance from a young age, SUZUKA possesses a unique blend of singing prowess and captivating expressiveness. Her penchant for sticking out her tongue and playfully lifting her skirt when facing a camera lens has endeared her even more to fans and audiences alike.


Uncovering SUZUKA’s Unknown Side

However, beneath this public persona lies a lesser-known facet of this rising Gen Z star. Two years ago, “Weekly Bunshun” stumbled upon a rare appearance that shed light on a side of SUZUKA that had remained hidden from the limelight.

Semi-Public Romance

Among the whispers and speculations, SUZUKA’s romantic entanglement with a certain individual has garnered attention. Reports surfaced regarding her rendezvous with JUN INAGAWA (24), a versatile creator active as a DJ and illustrator. Their association grew stronger as JUN contributed his artistic prowess to the tour goods and jackets of “New School Leaders.” Their close ties became evident through occasional shared snapshots on social media, leading both longtime fans and online communities to regard their relationship as an open secret.

A Peek into Their Relationship

When directly confronted with inquiries about his relationship with SUZUKA, JUN INAGAWA initially remained tight-lipped. However, a recent statement teased more revelations to come. “I’ll say what I can,” JUN hinted, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the upcoming editions of “Weekly Bunshun” for a deeper insight into the blossoming romance between SUZUKA and JUN.

The allure of “New School Leaders” extends beyond their chart-topping hits, delving into the intriguing lives of its members. SUZUKA’s journey from a captivating performer to a figure whose personal life draws immense curiosity reflects the complexity and fascination of the entertainment world. As we await the forthcoming revelations, the enigmatic allure of SUZUKA and the rising success of “New School Leaders” continue to captivate audiences, promising more surprises beyond the stage.

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