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Rameshwaram Cafe blast News 2024

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News 2024 Nine persons were injured in a bombing that occurred at the Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru on Friday at around 1:00 pm. Teams from the NIA, forensics, and bomb squad are looking into the explosion.

The fire department and Whitefield police were the first to report that there had been an explosion in the cylinder following the occurrence. When we arrived, the cafe’s wall mirror was broken and strewn all over the table.

Following this, two BJP members of parliament cast doubt on the explosion and suggested it was a bombing. CM Siddaramaiah said that the explosion at 5:30 p.m. was a low-intensity IED detonation. After someone left a bag in the cafe, there was an explosion.

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News
Rameshwaram Cafe blast News

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News :the cafe, a battery, a burned bag, and several

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News From the blast scene inside the cafe, a battery, a burned bag, and several ID cards were discovered. The State Home Minister stated: “Despite the absence of a cylinder, the explosion occurred in a sitting area.” The investigation into the situation is ongoing. DGP stated that the forensic report is something we are awaiting.

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News : What was said by DGP Alok Mohan?

There has been an explosion in a cafe in Whitefield, Bengaluru, according to Karnataka DGP Alok Mohan. I arrived at the location. The incident has been fully reported to the Home Minister and the CM. There have been nine injuries. An investigation is being conducted on the matter. The forensic team will provide a report.

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News
Rameshwaram Cafe blast News

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News:  CM’s exhortation to the opposition: stay out of politics

According to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, our inquiry has shown that someone had kept a bag at around noon. This has resulted in eight injuries. We’re examining the security footage. We discovered that the bag had been purposefully left there by someone. It’s a fantastic improvisation. We will make sure that this doesn’t happen again because it shouldn’t have happened.

The CM added that politics should not be involved in any way with this issue at all. We insist that the opposition work with us on this matter. It was an explosion of low intensity.

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News
Rameshwaram Cafe blast News

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News: Kundli Sabreesh

Statements from witnesses regarding the event Kundli Sabreesh: We heard a loud bang at about 1:00 pm. When we arrived, we saw

Addison: We had lunch at the café. A big blast was reported at approximately one o’clock. Some said it was an explosion from a cylinder, I heard. About 35 to 40 persons were present. About four employees are among the injured. Abruptly an ambulance arrived, taking the wounded to a hospital close by.

Guard for Security: As usual, I was outside the cafe going about my business. The motel was full of patrons. Abruptly, a loud explosion was heard, and a fire started, hurting the patrons within the hotel.

Rameshwaram Cafe blast News
Rameshwaram Cafe blast News

Tejashwi Surya stated: “CM should respond in the bomb blast case.”:Rameshwaram Cafe blast News

BJP Tejashwi Surya, national president of Yuva Morcha, posted on social media. They informed me that a customer’s bag left behind was what started the explosion. Says Surya

A BJP MP referred to the explosion as unusual.

On social networking platform X, Bengaluru Central PC Mohan, a BJP MP, expressed his concern about the unexplained explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe. My sympathies are with the impacted individuals and their loved ones.

Bengaluru’s Rameshwaram Cafe is well-known.

In Bengaluru, Rameshwaram Cafe is well-known for its dosa. In the city, it has numerous branches. The café opened its doors in 2022. This place is packed from 6:30 am till 1:00 pm.


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