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TODAY PETROL PUMP STRIKE :-“Fueling Frustration: The Silent Roar of Petrol Pump Protest”


 TODAY PETROL PUMP STRIKE :-“Fueling Frustration: The Silent Roar of Petrol Pump Protest”

Life is not easy without food, clothing and shelter. Perhaps we would have accepted this a few years ago, but looking at today’s increasing technology and today’s increasing transportation and petroleum, we may have to say that food, clothing and petrol are today we can see that After the transportation strike, after not getting petrol, there is a crowd at the petrol pump for a long time. It seems as if there is a traffic jam. People are fighting for a little petrol, they are standing in the queue for hours.


How important petrol

How important petrol is can be estimated by looking at the fact that people are collecting petrol for hours, people are standing in queues, people are not limiting their needs and it is increasing today. The difficulties that people are facing due to non-availability of petrol after transportation strikes at different places is very terrible. Today I will tell you through some pictures how people are getting worried after getting petrol supply.

 PETROL PUMP STRIKE Today we are facing the problem

Somewhere today this strike is teaching us that many times we are warned to use bicycles as much as possible, reduce the use of petrol vehicles, use CNG gas vehicles but we ignore all the things. So today we are facing the problem, it can be estimated that how careless we are or how much we violate the limits given by the Government of India very easily

Ways to avoid these problems

  • You use the vehicle only when necessary
  • Use Vikas only as much as necessary otherwise you use the bicycle in your daily routine
  • You should not allow your children to drive unnecessarily.
  • Provide your children and yourself with all the important information
  • related to the environment and the resources related to the environment.

Everyone should be aware that these resources are with us only for a limited period of time, so make limited use of them.


the Strike by Commercial Vehicle Drivers

Due to the strike by commercial vehicle drivers, including truckers and tankers, who are opposing the new penal law’s hit-and-run clause, many gas pumps, especially in hill stations and isolated areas, are either completely dry or about to run out of auto fuel.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are demonstrating against the new Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita, which was designed to replace the Indian Penal Code and stipulates that a motorist may be imprisoned for up to ten years in the event of a hit-and-run. “Drivers view the law as severe and biased. If we stay in the event of an accident, an enraged crowd can turn to causing harm to people and property. Additionally, if we fled, we would face severe

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