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Paytm Share Price : Updates and Analysis

Understanding Paytm’s Performance-Paytm Share Price 

Paytm Share Price, one of India’s leading digital payment platforms, witnessed dynamic movements in its share price today, reflecting the volatile nature of the market.

Daily Overview

Today, Paytm‘s share price closed at ₹761, experiencing a marginal decrease of -0.01% from the previous day’s closing of ₹761.1.

Intraday Insights
Name Latest Price Change % Change 52W High 52W Low Mkt. Cap
SBI Cards & Payment Services 715.6 2.6 0.36 932.35 690.9 67,701.08
Muthoot Finance 1394.6 3.35 0.24 1537.4 911.4 55,985.97
One 97 Communications 761.0 -0.1 -0.01 998.3 502.65 48,231.28
L&T Finance Holdings 173.1 5.3 3.16 174.85 78.97 42,923.11
Sundaram Finance 3556.45 38.9 1.11 3861.85 2190.4 39,191.14

The opening price for Paytm stood at ₹752.1, with the stock reaching a high of ₹766.95 and a low of ₹752.1 during the trading session.

Comparative Analysis

Paytm Share Price

Comparing Paytm share price performance with its peers, such as SBI Cards & Payment Services and Muthoot Finance, provides valuable insights into the market dynamics.

Technical Analysis

Paytm Share Price

Short-term trends indicate a bullish outlook for Paytm, while long-term trends lean towards a bearish sentiment, as suggested by technical analysis.

Price Analysis and Trends-Paytm Share Price 

Analyzing Paytm’s price movements over various time periods reveals fluctuations, with the stock experiencing both positive and negative changes.

Paytm Share Price Feb 1st 2024

In the fast-paced world of stock trading, keeping track of Paytm share price is crucial for investors and enthusiasts alike. Today, Paytm closed at ₹761, showcasing a slight decline of -0.01% compared to its previous closing price of ₹761.1. Despite the minor setback, Paytm continues to be a focal point in the Indian stock market, attracting attention with its innovative approach to digital finance.

Throughout the trading day, Paytm displayed an interesting trajectory. Opening at ₹752.1, the stock witnessed fluctuations, reaching a high of ₹766.95 and a low of ₹752.1. These intraday movements reflect the dynamic nature of the market, influenced by various factors ranging from economic indicators to investor sentiments.

Paytm Share Price

A comparative analysis with its peers sheds light on Paytm’s position in the market landscape. While SBI Cards & Payment Services and Muthoot Finance experienced slight fluctuations, Paytm’s performance remained relatively stable, showcasing resilience amidst market volatility. This comparative perspective provides investors with valuable insights into sectoral trends and competitive dynamics.

Delving deeper into technical analysis, short-term trends for Paytm appear bullish, indicating potential opportunities for traders. However, long-term trends lean towards a bearish sentiment, suggesting caution for investors eyeing sustained growth.

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