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Mukka Proteins IPO GMP 2024

Mukka Proteins IPO GMP has witnessed an unprecedented surge in investor interest, with subscription numbers reaching a staggering 136.99 times the initial offer. This overwhelming response highlights the confidence and enthusiasm among investors for the company’s future prospects.

Retail Investors Take Center Stage – Mukka Proteins IPO GMP

Retail investors have played a significant role in driving the subscription numbers, with the retail portion being subscribed 58.52 times. This demonstrates the widespread appeal of Mukka Proteins IPO among individual investors, reflecting their trust in the company’s growth trajectory.

mukka proteins ipo gmp

NII Participation Surges

Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs) have shown remarkable interest in Mukka Proteins IPO, booking their portion a remarkable 250.38 times. This substantial oversubscription underscores the strong demand from high net-worth individuals and corporate investors.

QIBs Join the Rally

Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) have also joined the rally, with their portion oversubscribed 189.28 times. Institutional investors’ robust participation further validates the attractiveness of Mukka Proteins IPO, signaling confidence in the company’s business fundamentals.

mukka proteins ipo gmp

Steady Growth Trajectory

Mukka Proteins IPO has maintained a consistent growth trajectory since its opening, with each day witnessing an increase in subscription numbers. The steady rise in demand reflects the market’s optimism towards the company’s future prospects and its ability to deliver value to investors.

Mukka Proteins IPO GMP 2024 Soars Five Times

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) for Mukka Proteins IPO has surged fivefold, reaching a remarkable level of +35. This indicates a significant premium in the grey market, reflecting investors’ eagerness to acquire shares at a price higher than the IPO offer price.

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