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How to start Blogging in 2023 and Earn Money

How to start blogging?

If you are also wondering how to start blogging, then today you can get all the information about blogging from this article.

Whatever you want to know about blogging or you have questions about blogging, from this article you will know how to start blogging, but before that we will know what is blogging?

How does blogging work? So friends, stay tuned to our blog and know all the doubts related to the blog.

What is blogging?

Blogging is an online platform in the form of a website, this website is accessed with the help of the internet. Many blogs here provide information in different fields.

For blogging, bloggers write posts, articles, and content and post them on their website and this process is called blogging. A person who writes a blogging block or runs a blogging website is called a blogger.

Personal blog websites or platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc can be used for blogging. Bloggers use text, images, videos, and other multimedia content in their blog posts to express their ideas and information.


How to start blogging?

To start blogging, first of all, you should be interested in it because if you do any work without interest then you will get bored of that work very soon, so if you are thinking about blogging then first of all you should be interested in blogging. Needed There must be interest and then you must know about it

If you do not know about it then you should do a blogging course and then start blogging. For blogging, your article or post should be authentic so that when people search, your blogging can rank and appear at the top. Remember that you will not earn money from blogging in the initial stages, it may take some time to earn money.

How to start Blogging

How to start your blogging?

If you want to start your blog then you can start your blog by following the process given below, so let us know how to start your blog.

(1) If you want to create a blog, then first of all you have to know your internal interest. Whatever field you are interested in, you can create your blog in that field like finance, health, technology, etc.

(2) After that you create a blog on WordPress. To create a blog on this, you will have to buy a hosting and domain name. You can also create a blog on Blogger, but if you want to start for a long time then Blogger is not good for the long term, that is why I believe that you should start with WordPress.

(3) Blogging on WordPress requires a hosting and domain name, so you have to buy both hosting and domain name. Hosting will cost you around Rs 3 to 5 thousand and domain name will be available for Rs 1000.

(4) When you buy a domain name and hosting, you have to connect the domain name and hosting to each other, after connecting, your website is ready.

(5) Now go to cpanel and install WordPress so that you can manage your blogging through World Press.

(6) After this go to WordPress and install all the important plugins for blogging and use a good free theme on the website so that you can customize all the plugins and themes properly.

(7) After setting up blogging, you will have to select the language, select the language in which you will write the blog or post. Keep in mind that whichever language you have more knowledge about, write clearly and select that language so that you do not face much trouble in writing and understanding the post.

(8) You will have to write a good post for the block because at the initial time, the blogger does not have much knowledge in posting and writing the block, in such a situation you can also watch videos related to blogging on YouTube, read the posts of professional bloggers. . can learn. From this, you will learn a lot about writing articles.

(9) After posting 30-35 posts on your website, customize and design the website again so that your blog appears in Google’s search results after submitting your blogging to Google Search Console.

(10) Always keep doing content research for blogging and try to publish trading posts so that your blog can rank in Google searches and appear at the top.

(11) When your blog starts getting good traffic, you can use the website to earn money through affiliate marketing, and ad networks, this will gradually start earning you.

(12) Remember, always write posts according to your niche and publish at least one post daily. Also, use keywords related to your niche which has less competition.

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