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HanuMan Movie Review – A Sankranthi Treat with Superhero Twists

HanuMan Movie Review

The Sankranthi movie season is in full swing, and amidst the big releases, Teja Sajja’s HanuMan has emerged as a refreshing and entertaining choice. While Bollywood left us wanting with Adipurush, Tollywood’s take on the epic saga of Hanuman, directed by Prasanth Varma, brings a delightful twist to the table.

A Promising Star

HanuMan Movie Review

The much-anticipated sequel has Hanuman fulfilling his promise to Rama, offering a unique cinematic experience. In a season crowded with big names, HanuMan, featuring relative newcomers Prashanth Varma and Teja Sajja, stands out, thanks to its bold marketing strategy and paid premiers.

A Blend of Mythology and Superhero Genre

HanuMan ingeniously weaves elements from the Ramayana into a compact storyline centered around the Rudhira Mani, a mystical gem in Anjanadri village. The first half introduces us to Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja), a charming petty thief, and the village antagonist, Gajapathi (Raj Deepak Shetty).

The Rise of HanuMan

HanuMan Movie Review

Hanumanthu’s life takes a supernatural turn when he acquires the Rudhira Mani, gaining divine powers. The stage is set for a face-off with Mega Man (Vinay Rai), a superhero figure with a thirst for power inspired by Western comic book icons. The clash between Mega Man and HanuMan forms the crux of the second half.

Prasanth Varma’s Ambitious Vision

HanuMan Movie Review

Director Prasanth Varma, known for his bold and ambitious projects like A!, Kalki, and Zombie Reddy, brings his distinctive style to HanuMan. Varma successfully merges Indian mythology with the contemporary superhero genre, showcasing his audacious storytelling prowess.

Teja Sajja’s Breakthrough Performance : HanuMan movie review

HanuMan Movie Review

Teja Sajja’s portrayal of Hanumanthu is a standout element, cleverly designed as a petty thief relying on craftiness rather than brawn. The infusion of divine power allows Hanumanthu to grow into his role, contrasting sharply with Mega Man’s relentless pursuit of power at any cost.

Ensemble Cast Shines

HanuMan Movie Review

The supporting cast, including Getup Srinu, Rakesh Master, Sathya, and Vennela Kishore, delivers quirky and entertaining performances. The comparison between superheroes and Telugu film heroes adds a humorous touch. Memorable sequences, like the fight with wrestlers and the incorporation of the song “Avakaya Anjaneya,” contribute to the film’s overall appeal.

Technical Brilliance : HanuMan Movie Review

Dasharadhi Shivendra’s cinematography enhances the visual experience, particularly during underwater sequences and shots featuring Lord Hanuman. The CGI work is commendable, bringing out the supernatural elements convincingly.

Entertaining Moments and Weak Story Points

While HanuMan provides wholesome family entertainment, certain story elements, such as those surrounding Samudrakhani’s character and the broader narrative involving Rudhira Mani and Anjanadri village, may not resonate with all viewers. Fortunately, these issues don’t significantly impact the film’s overall enjoyment.

The Heartwarming Essence of HanuMan

Beyond the action-packed sequences and visual brilliance, HanuMan succeeds in infusing heartwarming moments. Teja Sajja’s portrayal of Hanumanthu, embracing his vulnerabilities and transforming into a true hero, adds depth to the narrative. The film subtly conveys the message that true power lies not just in physical strength but in understanding one’s responsibilities and using power for the greater good. The camaraderie among characters, including the quirky supporting cast, contributes to the film’s feel-good atmosphere, making it a delightful watch for audiences of all ages.

Outstanding Performances

Apart from Teja Sajja’s commendable lead, Samudrakhani excels in his enigmatic portrayal, while Varalakshmi Sarathkumar impresses with her effortless performance. Getup Srinu and Sathya deliver terrific supporting roles, and the inclusion of a monkey character, voiced by Ravi Teja, adds to the film’s charm.

HanuMan emerges as the first solid entertainer of the year, marking the festive season with its unique take on mythology and superheroes. The film’s blend of humor, action, and divine elements ensures a memorable Sankranthi experience. Prasanth Varma’s ambitious vision, coupled with Teja Sajja’s breakthrough performance, makes HanuMan a must-watch for those seeking a refreshing cinematic treat. As Hanuman takes center stage, Tollywood shows us how to handle an epic with finesse.- HanuMan Movie Review

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