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UP Police Unveils 60,244 Exciting Positions: Your Golden Opportunity Awaits!

Exciting News for Job Seekers: UP Police Offers 60,244 Positions!

UP Police

Hey there, everyone looking for a cool job opportunity! Guess what? The Uttar Pradesh Police is opening its doors for a huge recruitment drive, aiming to fill a whopping 60,244 positions in the Civil Police Constable category. This amazing chance kicks off on December 27th and goes on until January 16th. Let’s dive into the details!

How to Apply and Dates to Remember

If you’re interested, here’s the deal: you can apply from December 27th to January 16th. But hey, make sure all the fees and application stuff are sorted out by January 18th, okay?

Types of Jobs Available

There are different types of jobs up for grabs. There are 24,102 slots for people who don’t have special categories, 6,024 for those in the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), 16,264 for the Other Backward Classes (OBC), 12,650 for the Scheduled Castes (SC), and 1,204 for the Scheduled Tribes (ST). That’s a lot of opportunities for different kinds of people!


Here’s something extra cool: the UP Police is also looking for Sub-Inspectors under the Sports Quota. And guess what? If you’ve finished 12th grade, you can apply! There’s a video with all the details about these jobs too.

This job thing with the Uttar Pradesh Police isn’t just for a few people. They want lots of different folks from all over to have a shot at joining them. It’s really fair because they’ve got spots for all sorts of people!

Exciting News for Sports Lovers!

Guess what? They’re also looking for sports lovers to be Sub-Inspectors! If you finished 12th grade, you can apply too! There’s a cool video with more details about these jobs.

This job chance with the Uttar Pradesh Police is for everyone. They want lots of different people to join, which is super fair!

  • This is your big chance! Remember to mark your calendar and send in your application on time.
  • This is your big chance! Remember to mark your calendar and send in your application on time.

This isn’t just any job—it’s a chance to be a hero for your community! So, get ready and apply to be part of the UP Police team. It’s a big opportunity waiting for you!

This job offer from the UP Police is pretty awesome! It’s not just a job; it’s a chance to help people and keep the place safe. So, if you’ve been dreaming about working in the police, this could be your big chance! Don’t forget to mark your calendar and get your application in on time.

Remember, it’s not just a job. It’s a chance to be a part of something big and make a difference. So, don’t miss out! Get ready to apply and be a superhero for your community!

This chance with the UP Police is a big deal. So, if you’ve been thinking about joining, now’s your time to shine!

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