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Remembering Bonda Mani: A Tribute to the Renowned Tamil Comedian 2023

Bonda Mani — Tamil Comedian

A Loss in the Tamil Film Industry

The Tamil film industry mourns the loss of a comedic legend, Bonda Mani, who passed away at the age of 60 due to complications arising from kidney ailments. His sudden demise on Saturday has left a void in the hearts of many who cherished his comedic genius on screen.

Bonda Mani

 A Life Dedicated to Laughter

Bonda Mani, born in Sri Lanka, ventured into the Tamil film industry in 1991 through a chance meeting with actor-director K Bhagyaraj. While he began as a supporting actor, it was his collaborations with the acclaimed Vadivelu that skyrocketed him to fame. Their comedic chemistry lit up screens in memorable movies like “Pongalo Pongal,” “Sundara Travels,” “Winner,” “Englishkaran,” “Aaru,” and “Marudhamalai.”

A Legacy of Laughter and Love

With over 250 films to his credit, Bonda Mani’s legacy as a comedian who could effortlessly bring a smile to people’s faces is unparalleled. His ability to infuse humor into every scene he graced was a testament to his talent and dedication to the craft.

Support During Challenging Times

Reports highlight the support extended by actors Dhanush and Vijay Sethupathi, who each contributed ₹1 lakh towards Bonda Mani’s medical expenses in 2022. His battle against kidney-related ailments was a challenging one, and his unfortunate demise has left the industry and his fans in mourning

 A Fond Farewell

Bonda Mani’s untimely passing occurred on Saturday night at his residence in Pozhichalur, where he collapsed before being rushed to a hospital. As the industry bids farewell to this beloved comedian, his body lies at his residence for homage before his final rites are conducted at a crematorium in Chrompet at 5 pm.

Who is BondaMani?

Bonda Mani (19 September 1963 – 23 December 2023) was an Indian actor who appeared in Tamil language films. He predominantly worked in comedy and supporting roles in over 270 films in his illustrious career spanning three decades. He was well known for his performances in Winner (2003), Englishkaran (2005), Aaru (2005) and Marudhamalai (2007) and Kannum Kannum (2008). He was known for his one-line dialogues in films he acted. He came to Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka as a refugee.

Early life and career


Kedheeswaran, also known as Bonda Mani in Tamil movies, had a tough life. He was born in Sri Lanka in 1963 during a time of war. He liked the name ‘Bonda’ because he used to eat a lot of bondas when he was struggling as an actor. He chose ‘Mani’ because of his mentor, Goundamani. He had many siblings, being the fifteenth child in his family.

Something really sad happened when his family tried to leave Sri Lanka. Their boat sank because of a bomb from the war. His mom and eight of his brothers and sisters died. He lost both his parents because of the war when he was young.

He wanted to work in movies and went to India, but someone tricked him and he had to stay in Singapore for five years. Then, he met K. Bhagyaraj and wanted to act in films, but it was tough. Lots of people from Sri Lanka were going to Tamil Nadu looking for safety, so he did too.

He worked hard in a refugee camp and tried to get into movies for seven years, but it didn’t happen. He went back to Sri Lanka and opened a shop. Unfortunately, he got hurt in a bomb blast, and his leg was almost paralyzed. So, he left Sri Lanka again and went to Salem, India, for safety.

Bonda Mani went through a lot of hard times, but he never gave up on his dreams. He always kept trying, no matter what happened. He was really strong and brave.

A Personal Note 

Survived by his wife, son, and daughter, Bonda Mani’s presence on and off-screen will be dearly missed. His journey from being a refugee during the Sri Lankan civil war to becoming a comedic icon in the Tamil film industry remains an inspiring tale of resilience and talent.

Bonda Mani’s imprint on Tamil cinema as a comedian extraordinaire will be etched in the memories of fans and the industry alike. His ability to effortlessly bring laughter to countless faces will remain a cherished part of his enduring legacy.

As we bid adieu to this legendary comedian, may his soul rest in peace, and may his laughter continue to echo through the timeless movies he graced.


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