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AR Rahman Launches Band of 6 Virtual Singers as Part of Meta Humans Project in Dubai

Introducing AR Rahman’s Innovative Musical Venture

Renowned music composer AR Rahman unveiled his latest endeavor at the ‘Abundance For The Future by SWFI’ event in Dubai,This innovative effort, called the Meta Humans effort, presents a virtual band made up of six talented artificial musicians. Rahman, the band’s creator, wants to break down boundaries between cultures and advance world integration.

AR Rahman

A Fusion of Real and Virtual Worlds

What sets Rahman’s Meta Humans Project apart is its seamless integration of real and virtual elements,Rahman and his band want to use modern technologies such as motion capture and visual effects to create concerts that blend virtual and real worlds together. This creative strategy promises to completely transform live performances and the music industry.

Promoting Cultural Integration and Unity

At the core of Rahman’s vision is the idea of fostering cultural integration and celebrating diversity,The aim of the Meta Humans Project is to spread a message of acceptance and unity by bringing together musicians from all origins and cultures. Rahman wants to encourage people all throughout the world to embrace their differences and come together as one via the global language of music.

Technology Partners and Collaborators

The Meta Humans Project has garnered support from leading technology partners, including The HBAR Foundation, a prominent web3 ecosystem fund,Rahman and his team aspire to work with other tech entrepreneurs to expand the project’s scope and capabilities. Watch this space for soon-to-be exciting news about new partners.

AR Rahman’s Ethical Use of AI in Music Production

In a recent development, Rahman made headlines for using AI technology to recreate the voices of late singers Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed for a track in Rajinikanth’s upcoming film ‘Lal Salaam’,This action started a discussion about the ethical implications of employing AI to produce music.

AR Rahman’s Stance on Ethical AI Usage

AR Rahman

Addressing the controversy, Rahman clarified that his team had obtained permission from the families of Bakya and Hameed before using their voice algorithms.He underlined the significance of using AI responsibly and the ways in which technology, when applied properly, can preserve the legacy of gifted artists such as Bakya and Hameed.

The Meta Humans Project by AR Rahman is a bold step in the direction of extending the limits of technology and music. Rahman wants to provide a musical experience that cuts over boundaries of time and space by utilizing modern technologies and encouraging ethnic diversity. Rahman respects the legacy of musical major players while extending the boundaries of innovation with his continuous dedication to ethical AI usage. Watch this space as the Meta Humans Project develops—it has the potential to completely transform the world of music.

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