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Alok Industries: A Remarkable Surge in Share Price

Alok Industries, a Mumbai-based integrated textile manufacturer established in 1986, experienced a staggering 20% surge in its share price, reaching ₹25.9 apiece. This unprecedented spike came in the wake of a significant investment by Reliance Industries, amounting to a substantial ₹3,300 crore. This strategic move by Reliance Industries, subscribing to preferential shares, was disclosed in the company’s regulatory filing, sending ripples across the market.


The Impetus: Reliance Industries’ Investment

alok industries

The company’s board had greenlit the issuance of preference shares to Reliance Industries at a dividend rate of 9% through private placement. These preference shares, redeemable at the company’s discretion within a 20-year period, showcase a pivotal financial collaboration between the two entities.

Alok Industries at a Glance

Alok Industries stands tall as a leading player in the textile realm, boasting a robust presence in both cotton and polyester segments. In the cotton domain, the company maintains integration from spinning to weaving, processing, and the production of finished fabrics, bedsheets, towels, and garments. Likewise, its polyester arm is equally comprehensive, spanning from polymerization to the creation of various products like chips, POY, FDY, DTY, and PSF.


The company’s extensive clientele includes domestic and international retailers, brands, and garment exporters in India and converter countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. This client base serves as vendors to major global labels, establishing Alok Industries as a linchpin in the global textile supply chain.

Financial Insights

Despite reporting a net loss of ₹175 crore in the September quarter, Alok Industries showcased promising signs with an improvement from previous quarters. The operating profit witnessed a significant 200% quarter-on-quarter surge to ₹36 crore in Q2FY24, indicating a positive trajectory amidst the industry landscape.

Reliance Industries and Alok Industries Nexus

Reliance Industries’ investment of ₹3,300 crore in Alok Industries, acquiring 9% non-convertible redeemable preference shares, solidifies its position as a prominent promoter with a 40.01% equity share capital stake. This transaction, deemed a related party transaction, received shareholder approval and was executed on an arm’s length basis without requiring governmental or regulatory nods.

The Market Response

Following this strategic investment, Alok Industries witnessed a surge, hitting a 52-week high, with its stock trading at a remarkable 20% higher value by midday.

Textile Industry’s Favourable Position

The current surge in Alok Industries’ shares mirrors the upbeat trend within Indian textile manufacturers. The industry has experienced robust growth in textile and apparel exports in recent years. Global buyers are actively seeking alternatives to China, providing a significant opportunity for players like Alok Industries to expand their market footprint.

The infusion of ₹3,300 crore by Reliance Industries into Alok Industries marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. This strategic collaboration not only fortifies the company’s financial position but also signals a promising future amid a buoyant textile market landscape.

The soaring share price post-investment reflects the market’s confidence in Alok Industries’ potential and its symbiotic relationship with Reliance Industries, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead in the textile industry.


  • Share Price Surge: Alok Industries witnessed an astounding 20% increase in its share price, reaching ₹25.9 apiece, following a significant ₹3,300 crore investment by Reliance Industries in preferential shares.
  • Financial Landscape: Despite reporting a net loss of ₹175 crore in the September quarter, Alok Industries displayed promising signs with a notable 200% quarter-on-quarter surge in operating profit to ₹36 crore in Q2FY24.
  • Reliance Industries’ Investment: Reliance’s investment of ₹3,300 crore solidifies its stake in Alok Industries at 40.01% equity share capital, positioning itself as a major promoter in this strategic move approved by shareholders.
  • Market Response: Post the investment, Alok Industries witnessed a surge, hitting a 52-week high, with its stock trading at a remarkable 20% higher value by midday, showcasing market confidence.
  • Industry Trends: The surge in Alok Industries’ shares reflects the optimistic trend in Indian textile manufacturers, benefiting from the global shift in textile and apparel exports away from China.
  • Future Prospects: The investment by Reliance Industries fortifies Alok Industries’ financial standing, setting the stage for a promising future amidst a thriving textile market landscape. This collaboration signals an exciting journey ahead for Alok Industries to explore new avenues and consolidate its position in the global textile market.

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