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Special about 28 December ?

National Short Film Day

28th December :- What is special about 28th December?

Well, everyone likes the last day of December, what is the season of the place, children’s
vacations are about to start, and children get leave from school and there are many places to visit, but today we will know what is special on 28th September. What national days are there on the number 28?

Why is 28 December special?

● Indian National Congress was established on 28 December 1885.
● Birthday of Ratan Tata.
● Central Reserve Police Force Anniversary.
● National Short Film Day
● National card playing day
● Holy Innocents Day
● Pledge of all allegiance day


The ratan tata “happy birthday” Ratan Tata is a very successful person. In his lifetime, he
has done many unique works and has inspired many people to do work. Whatever Ratan Tata has done for India in his lifetime is not in everyone’s control
but no one can touch him.

Rejected IBM’s offer started with -1. Handling blast finance at Tata Steel._ 1961
2. Become the chairman of TATA INDUSTRY _ 1981
3. Become the chairman of Air India_1986
4. Become the chairman of Air India _1991
5. His offer to sell Tata Motors to Ford Motor was rejected. _ 1999
6. Tata Tea acquired 2nd largest tea brand in the world. _ 2000
7. TCS count public. First IT company to cross ₹ 1 BN in revenue _2004
8. Received PADMA VIBHUSHAN _2008
9. Launched the cheapest car in India for the common man NANO _ 2009
10. Donate 50 Million to Harvard Business School for an exclusive center. _2010
11. Retired _2012

Birthday -28 December 1937, Mumbai
Parents – Naval Tata, Sooni Tata
Siblings – Jimmy Naval Tata
Organizations:- TCS, TATA MOTORS, TATA STEEL, TATA POWER and many more


National Short Film Day is celebrated on 28th December. An unknown short film was first made in 1895 in Mein Grand Chef Hai Paris Auguste and Louis were the first to make 10 short films which were 50 seconds long. Today we know how many characters are being made in short films how many characters are being made in short films and how many people are being entertained by the release of short films.

Benefits Of short film

● There are many benefits of short films like the first short films, you can make
your entire story in very little time and then you can reach your story in less time to the
people whose time you are watching.
● Second short films come in the budget category if they are new producers and new directors or new actors, if they want to make films then they do not need a very big
● The advantage of short films is also that nowadays the person who is using social
media is trending a lot and in short films, you can earn a lot of money according to the

When was National Short Film Day celebrated?

National Short Film Day was celebrated for the first time in 2019


Chocolate candy is celebrated on and 28th of December. Like chocolate, all children like it and
nowadays so many good recipes are given on YouTube to make chocolate at home and
Mummy also makes chocolates in a new innovative way.


In 1828, there Ha chemist who first made chocolate in solid form.
Chocolate started to be considered the national chocolate of Europe in 1550.
Chocolate comes from “ xocolatl” or “chocolatl” “school” means hot or bitter and
Aztec “atl” means water


Chocolates come from the seed of the tropical cultivated tree millennia


Mexico, Central America, northern South America

Types of chocolate

● Truffles
● Rum Balls
● Chocolate
● Covered caramel
● Peanut
● Butterballs
● Fruits-filled candies

Other special days are related to chocolate

● World Chocolate Day
● International Chocolate Day
National Chocolate Day

Try something new with Chocolate and share chocolates with other

Some featuring films

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Candy 2005
2. Chocolate 2000
3. Forrest Gump 1994

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