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IIM Indore and TimesPro Collaborate to master of management Studies 2024

IIM Indore and TimesPro Collaborate:-lets see what good for students 

January 9, Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [the nation of India]: The Master of Management Studies is a Post Graduate Degree in Management offered by the Indian Institute of Management Indore and TimesPro. It will give students modern skills, thorough knowledge, and a solid ethical foundation to master the art of management and leadership in the digital age.

IIM Indore:-The two-year Master of Studies in Management program

The two-year Master of Studies in Management program is a life-changing experience that builds learners’ cross-functional competencies. It is purposefully designed to teach a strong blend of leadership positions, financial literacy, marketing proficiency, and strategic insight.

The curriculum emphasizes leadership heavily and is contextually structured to instill moral ideals and principles that encourage accountability and integrity in business decision-making. Students will receive guidance on how to become moral stewards who support ethical and sustainable business practices, in addition to becoming successful leaders.

IIM Indore
IIM Indore

The launch of the Master of Management Studies program at IIM Indore with TimesPro is a significant step in our commitment to nurturing future leaders,” stated Prof. Himanshu Rai, Director of IIM Indore, in remarks made during the announcement. This program aims to create well-rounded professionals who can lead with integrity, negotiate uncertainty, and aid in the expansion of the organization—rather than just imparting knowledge

IIM Indore the development of essential skills:- 

Our students are well-positioned to succeed in a corporate environment that is changing quickly thanks to the emphasis on ethical leadership, the development of essential skills, and our extensive curriculum.”

“The Master of Management Studies program from IIM Indore is a seminal new entrant to the post-graduate management degree space for our executive aspirants,” stated Anish Srikrishna, CEO of TimesPro. The design and scope of the program demonstrate our ongoing dedication to ensuring that top-notch executive education is within reach. Our partnership with IIM Indore would be crucial in equipping professionals to thrive in our fast-paced, disruptively changing business landscape. Students will acquire the necessary abilities and information to successfully negotiate the contemporary obstacles of the global ecosystem and have a big influence on their organizations and professions.”

IIM Indore

 IIM Indore:- The training will be delivered directly to devices

The training will be delivered directly to devices (D2D) using TimesPro’s cutting-edge Interactive Learning (IL) technology. The esteemed instructors and industry professionals at IIM Indore will impart knowledge to learners, guaranteeing that they are adequately prepared to make well-informed strategic selections from a worldwide standpoint. As part of their immersion program in the first and sixth semesters, they also get to spend 12 days exploring the esteemed university. With the help of this immersion approach, students are certain to acquire the practical expertise and theoretical understanding needed to make wise strategic decisions in a global setting.


IIM Indore specializes in courses

Students can specialize in courses like Economics, Communications, Finance and accounting, Information Systems, OB & HR, OM & QT, Strategy, Humanities, and Social   Sciences, with the Master of Management Studies program. The program skillfully combines a state-of-the-art curriculum with interactive learning activities, simulations, real-world case studies, etc.

Concerning IIM Indore

Offering more than 200 executive programs, including courses specifically designed for the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf Cooperation Council, IIM Indore equips individuals with knowledge and abilities that are in demand around the world.

Concerning TimesPro

TimesPro is a top Higher EdTech platform that was founded in 2013 to help aspirant learners further their careers by giving them the tools they need to succeed in a cutthroat environment. The H.EdTech programs offered by TimesPro are designed to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the industry and have been technologically enhanced to make them both accessible and reasonably priced.


IIM Indore is the second IIM in the country and one of only 100 management schools

IIM Indore is the second IIM in the country and one of only 100 management schools globally to possess the prestigious Triple Crown—accreditations from AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. IIM Indore has consistently been ranked #1 by several national and international ranking services, including FT-100, QS, and NIRF. The institute offers a variety of executive education options through both long- and short-term courses.

wide range of categories, sectors, and age groups are covered by the diverse array of learning programs that TimesPro has designed and selected. They include executive education for working professionals in partnership with prestigious universities like IIMs and IITs; employment-focused early career programs across BFSI, e-commerce, and technology sectors; and organizational learning and development interventions at the corporate level.

In addition, TimesPro works with top Indian companies in a range of industries to offer reskilling and upskilling programs that improve employability and build a strong workforce. The Times Group’s Higher EdTech project is called TimesPro.

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