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2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested for snake venom smuggling, what is the whole story?

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested for snake venom smuggling, what is the whole story?

Elvish Yadav is accused of using snake venom at a rave party and smuggling snakes. According to the report, Elvish confessed to the allegations against him.

YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 winner Elvish Yadav has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days after his arrest. He was arrested by Noida Police on March 17. Elvish is accused of using snake venom in rave parties and smuggling snakes. However, Elvish has been denying these allegations. After arresting Elvish, Noida Police produced him in Surajpur court. From where he was taken into custody. Everyone tells one by one where this matter started.

who is elvish yadav & family background 

Elvish Yadav, who became famous due to his statements and roasts on social media, is a resident of Gurugram, Haryana. Elvish, born on September 14, 1997, was named Siddharth Yadav in his childhood. His elder brother wanted to name him Elvish. After the death of his elder brother, as per his wish, four-year-old Siddharth was named Elvish. Elvish, who has done B.Com from Delhi University, has two channels on YouTube where he has a total of more than 1.5 crore subscribers.

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested
2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested

Police raided and recovered the snake : 2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested

On November 3 last year, Noida Police issued a statement. Told that the police raided Sevron Banquet Hall in Sector-51 area and arrested 5 people. Police found 9 types of snakes from there, including 5 cobra snakes. Also, 20 ml of snake venom was found. When the police interrogated the arrested people, they said that they use snake venom in rave parties. During interrogation, these people also took the name of Elvish Yadav.

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested : five accused were identified

After this, FIR was registered against 7 people including Elvish. A case was registered against all of them under Section 120 (B) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Sections 9, 39, 48A, 49, 50 and 51 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. The sections imposed are non-bailable. The five accused were identified as Rahul, Titunath, Jayakaran, Narayan and Ravinath.

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested
2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested

Where did the police get the tip? 2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested

Noida Police had conducted this raid on the information of an NGO ‘People for Animals (PFA). This organization is run by BJP MP Maneka Gandhi. Gaurav Gupta, who works in this organization, had complained to Sector 49 police station. Elvish Yadav’s name was taken in this complaint itself.

The informer told Elvish that a rave party had to be organized in Noida

It was said that Elvish along with his gang members used to shoot videos with live snakes in the farmhouses of Noida and NCR. They also organize rave parties illegally. There is also an allegation that foreign girls were invited to these parties and snake venom and intoxicants were consumed in the parties.

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested

Based on these inputs an informer contacted Elvish Yadav. The informer told Elvish that a rave party had to be organized in Noida. A demand was also made that a snake is needed at this party, and cobra venom is also needed. The information came that Elvish had agreed to the party.

It is written in the FIR that Elvish gave the number of an agent named Rahul and said, ‘Call me and talk’. After this, the informer passed the number of Agent Rahul to Maneka Gandhi’s organization.

What did Maneka Gandhi say? Related elvish case

When the police raided and arrested people, Maneka Gandhi also stated to the media. He made serious allegations against Elvish. Maneka Gandhi had said,

“We came to know about this because influencer Elvish Yadav is promoting it. He is the mastermind of this entire matter. He needs to be arrested. Snakes are caught in the forests and killed.

They are all on the endangered species list. Under the law, there is a punishment of 7 years for this. This should be given to all the accused involved in this case. Everyone is fighting for TRP. The videos are getting very strange.”

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested
2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested

However, after this raid, the police did not arrest Elvish Yadav. On November 7, Noida Police issued a notice to Elvish asking him to cooperate in the investigation.

2024 Elvish Yadav was arrested : What did Elvish answer?

When these serious allegations were made, Elvish also clarified. By posting a video on Instagram he said,

What did the government (Khattar) say?

Elvish Yadav won the second edition of Bigg Boss (OTT) on August 14, 2023. After winning the trophy, Elvis organized a live show in his hometown Gurugram. Where lakhs of people gathered to see him.

During this, the then-Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar was also present on the stage with him. Khattar, who came as the chief guest of the function, praised him profusely from the stage. At that time Khattar had said for Elvish,


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